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  • Laurel Samuels

    Laurel Samuels, Ph.D., is a member and faculty at PINC and studied at the Tavistock Clinic. She has taught courses on Winnicott for PINC and NCSPP. Dr. Samuels is in private practice in San Francisco.

  • Susan Sands

    Susan Sands, Ph.D., is faculty at PINC and is Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychology Department, UC Berkeley. She has published in the areas of eating disorders, dissociation, female development, unconscious communication, dreams, and aging. Dr. Sands is in private practice in Berkeley.

  • Sue Saperstein

    Sue Saperstein, MFT, Psy.D., has been a psychoanalyst, educator, and community activist for 45 years in San Francisco. She is faculty and supervisor at SFCP, NCSPP, CPMC, and CAPA and has focused on the evolving psychoanalytic treatment of trauma, sexualities, culture, immigration, and now elder development. In 2006, she published “Psychoanalytic Justice: An Ethical Inquiry“ in The Psychoanalytic Review.

  • Joan Sarnat's picture
    Joan Sarnat

    Joan Sarnat, Ph.D., ABPP, is a personal and supervising analyst and member of the faculty at PINC. She co-authored, with Mary Gail Frawley-O’Dea, The Supervisory Relationship (Guilford Press, 2001) and authored Supervision Essentials for Psychodynamic Psychotherapies (APA, 2016). Dr. Sarnat is in clinical and supervisory practice in Berkeley.

  • John Schlapobersky

    John Schlapobersky, BA Msc CGP, is a training analyst, supervisor, and teacher in the Institute of Group Analysis, London, and research fellow, Birbeck, University of London. He is in private practice at the Bloomsbury Psychotherapy Practice and works with individuals, couples, and groups. He has trained generations of group analysts, teaches internationally, and has published widely.

  • Annie Schuessler
  • Priscille Schwarcz-Besson's picture
    Priscille Schwarcz-Besson

    Priscille Schwarcz-Besson, Ph.D., works in private practice in San Francisco and San Rafael. In addition to her work as a clinical psychologist, she has experience in specialized education and small business administration. Dr. Schwarcz-Besson currently serves on the Board of NCSPP and is the past chair of the board of CAPIC.

  • Jed Sekoff

    Jed Sekoff, Ph.D., is a personal and supervising psychoanalyst at PINC, and on the faculties of SFCP and the Wright Institute. His writing, teaching, and presentations interweave clinical theory, the arts, social history, and politics. His most recent paper is “Precious Bodily Fluids: The Secretory Imagination from Shakespeare to Strangelove.”

  • Stephen Seligman

    Stephen Seligman, D.M.H., is clinical professor of psychiatry at UCSF; Joint Editor-in-Chief of Psychoanalytic Dialogues; training and supervising analyst at SFCP and PINC, and Clinical Professor at the NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis. Dr. Seligman has recently authored Relationships in Development: Infancy, Intersubjectivity, and Attachment (Routledge, 2017) and is co-editor of the American Psychiatric Press’ Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health: Core Concepts and Clinical Practice.

  • Jonathan Shedler

    Jonathan Shedler, Ph.D., is an author, consultant, and master clinician and teacher. His article “The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy” won worldwide acclaim for establishing psychoanalytic therapy as an evidence-based treatment. A leading expert on personality styles and disorders and their treatment, Dr. Shedler leads professional workshops nationally and internationally and consults with clinicians, organizations, and U.S. and international government agencies.

  • Nicole Shieh's picture
    Nicole Shieh

    Nicole Hsiang, is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, a member of NCSPP, and graduate of Access Institute. She currently has a private practice internship in San Francisco, working under the supervision of Fernando Castrillon. 

  • Regina Shields

    Regina Shields, Ph.D., has a private practice in Oakland, where she works with children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Shields has taught at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, the Access Institute for Psychological Services in San Francisco, and TPI in Berkeley and has supervised at Ann Martin Children’s Center and the Women’s Therapy Center.

  • Monica Sicilia

    Monica Sicilia, Ph.D., has worked at the Masonic Center for Youth and Families, Bay Area Clinical Associates, and Oakes Children's Center, where she was the Assistant Clinical Training Director. Dr. Sicilia co-authored a book chapter, "The self in post-traumatic stress disorder," in 2016 (Cambridge University Press). She works with youth, parents, and families.

  • Ruth Simon

    Ruth Simon, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist, a parenting consultant to parents of multiples, and the Director of Training at Access Institute. She has written and presented nationally on the psychology of twins and recently published an article on parenting twins in the September 2014 issue of Psychology Today online.

  • Lee R. Slome

    Lee Slome, Ph.D., is a graduate of PINC. She supervises and teaches at Bay Area training programs including PINC, NCSPP, and Access Institute. Dr. Slome has a private practice in Oakland, where she treats adults, adolescents, and couples, and offers individual and group consultation.

  • Mark Solms

    Mark Solms, PhD is a psychoanalyst and a lecturer in neurosurgery at the St Bartholomew's Hospital and the Royal London School of Medicine, Chair of neuropsychology, University of Cape Town, South Africa, and Director of the Arnold Pfeffer Center for Neuro-Psychoanalysis at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute.  He is the Founding Editor of the journal, Neuropsychoanalysis and winner of the Sigourney Award for outstanding achievement in psychoanalysis (ht

  • Angela Sowa

    Angela Sowa, Psy.D., MFT, is a personal and supervising analyst and faculty member at PINC and an Assistant Clinical Professor at UC San Francisco. Dr. Sowa supervises Tavistock Model Infant Observation groups and is a consultant to Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. She maintains a private practice in Palo Alto related to perinatal loss, pregnancy, and early parenting.

  • Ivria Spieler

    Ivria Spieler, Ph.D., Psy.D., MFT, is personal and supervising analyst at PINC. She teaches at CPMC and in Israel, as well as private groups in Cupertino and San Francisco. Dr. Spieler has a private practice in Cupertino.

  • Maria St. John

    Maria Seymour St. John, Ph.D., MFT is Director of Training at the UCSF Infant-Parent Program.  Recent articles have appeared in Zero to Three and the Handbook of Infant Mental Health and she has chapters in the forthcoming Handbook of Psychodynamic Approaches to Psychopathology (Guilford) and Women, Mothers, Subjects: New Explorations in the Maternal (Routledge).

  • Beth Steinberg

    Beth Steinberg, Ph.D., is a member and faculty at SFCP and is on the faculty at Access Institute and CPMC. She is in private practice in San Francisco.

  • Barbara Sullivan

    Barbara Stevens Sullivan, MSW, is a Jungian psychoanalyst in private practice in Berkeley. She is the author of two books on psychotherapy – Psychotherapy Grounded in the Feminine Principle (Chiron, 1989) and The Mystery of Analytical Work: Weavings from Jung and Bion (Routledge, 2010) – as well as two novels.

  • Mark Sullivan

    Mark Sullivan, Ph.D., MFT, is an analyst member of the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco and a member of TPI in Berkeley. Dr. Sullivan teaches in the analytic training program of the Jung Institute, in their professional programs, and for the larger public. He practices in Oakland and San Francisco seeing adults, adolescents, couples, and clinical consultees.

  • Kylie Svenson's picture
    Kylie Svenson

    Kylie Svenson, ACSW, a conservatory-trained musician, is interested in creativity as an important aspect of the patient's process of dreaming the self into being. She often works with artists and finds their gifts can be both a window to their trauma and a form of integration and elaboration of the traumatized self. She is also interested in dissociative disorders and specializes in working with patients with DID and OSDD. 
    Her background includes training in specialized treatment for these patients, 

  • Annie Sweetnam

    Annie Sweetnam, Ph.D., is a faculty member at PINC and NCSPP and past editor of fort da. She has published on numerous psychoanalytic topics, including the capacity to experience beauty and how patient and analyst change together. Dr. Sweetnam has a private practice in Berkeley and Oakland, where she facilitates writing groups for psychotherapists and psychoanalysts.

  • Diane Swirsky's picture
    Diane Swirsky

    Diane Swirsky, Ph.D., is in private practice in Berkeley, where she sees adults and couples and provides consultation. She has taught, presented, and written on the topic of trauma, relational theory, and psychoanalysis and race. She is a past president of NCSPP and an alumni of New Directions in Psychoanalytic Writing at the Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis.