The Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology (NCSPP) is committed to the study of psychoanalytic psychology and encouraging interest in the professional and general communities. Our more than 500 members form a community that spans the greater Bay Area and Northern California.

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The mission of the Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology (NCSSP) is:

  • To promote the study and practice of psychoanalytic psychology;

  • To encourage interest in psychoanalytic psychology in professional and general communities;

  • To provide support for individual members in the development and maintenance of their identity as psychoanalytically oriented mental health clinicians;

  • To broaden psychoanalytic theory and practice with a commitment to diversity

NCSPP is committed to inclusion, antiracism and anti-oppression. Police brutality and other systematized abuses are unacceptable. Our organization is committed to calling out, recognizing and OPENLY condemning all violence against Black and Brown people. We are also committed to not turning away from the reality of White supremacy, the continuous trauma that has been enacted, and the hold it has had on this nation for hundreds of years. Neutrality is not a viable option. We, as a board and organization, stand firmly in our belief that Black lives matter and Black voices matter.

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NCSPP will continue to fine tune our equity clause and prioritize coursework that highlights marginalized communities and encourages our members to work on antiracism and anti-oppression. We pledge to move forward to support communities of color. While this statement is the bare minimum, we are devoted to digging in and dismantling the White supremacist structures that dominate our organization. We also dedicate ourselves to ongoing self-inquiry as psychoanalytic theorists and practitioners in critically investigating the under-named biases in the history, theory, and practice of psychoanalysis. NCSPP will show up in solidarity with the Black community. We hear you, we are with you and we will not give up.

In reflection and solidarity,

The Board of the Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology (NCSPP)

Executive Committee
Willow Banks, Psy.D. — Secretary
Stephanie King, Psy.D. — Past-President
Todd Rising, Psy.D. — President-Elect; Chair, ISG Committee
Molly Russo, Psy.D. — C.E. Director; Chair, Program Division
Tanisha Stewart, Psy.D. — Treasurer
Candice Turner, Psy.D. — Chair, OML Division

Board Members
Danni Biondini, MA — Chair, Impulse Committee
Katherine Eng, Ph.D. — Chair, Committee for Community Mental Health
Asya Grigorieva, Ph.D. — Chair, Education Committee
Jeremy Mintz, Psy.D. — Chair (Interim), Program Committee
Priscille Schwarcz-Besson, Ph.D. — Chair, Pre-licensed Committee
Peter Silen, Ph.D. — Chair, Editorial Committee

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A statement expressing grief, outrage, and the denunciation of the latest racist atrocities and acts of terror can feel like a hollow gesture that does not begin to address the terror, pain, and loss engulfing the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. However, NCSPP remaining silent perpetuates the violence against the AAPI community. Anti-AAPI acts of violence rose 150% between 2019 to 2020, and yet we as a nation and as a community largely remained silent. Included below are resources for action, training, and donating as additional means to counter this silence.

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AAPI organizations across the Bay Area have been raising the alarm for months that their communities are being traumatized by the increasing number of attacks against Asian women and elders. The horrific acts in Atlanta were an escalation of on-going racist and misogynistic violence, which tragically resulted in femicide — the intentional murder of a person because they are female, femme, or feminine presenting.

We must all come together to protect the safety and psychic well-being of our community members. The Asian American Psychological Association encourages creating space for self-care, reaching out to friends and colleagues, petitioning elected officials, dismantling internalized and institutional systems of oppression, and providing financial support to AAPI communities.





In community,

NCSPP’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee

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