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  • Diane Adams's picture
    Diane Adams

    Diane M. Adams, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and Associate Professor Emerita in private practice in Oakland. She conducts workshops on cultural humility in private and public agencies and has several articles published in refereed journals on issues of race, class, gender, and psychodynamic clinical supervision. She is co-editor of a book published in 2012, Making our Voices Heard: Women of Color in Academia.

  • Salman Akhtar

    Salman Akhtar, M.D., is Professor of Psychiatry at Jefferson Medical College, and Training and Supervising Analyst at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia. His 67 books include 15 solo-authored, as well as 40 edited books in psychiatry and psychoanalysis.

  • Lynn Alexander

    Lynn Alexander, Psy.D., MFT, is faculty, and a personal and supervising analyst at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California (PINC). She teaches courses on trauma, primitive mental states, and analytic theory and technique. She has a private practice in Palo Alto.

  • Paul U. Alexander

    Paul U. Alexander, Ph.D., practices psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and consultation with in­div­iduals, couples, and small groups. He teaches in post-graduate programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and consults on group processes in private practice and institutional settings.

  • Eugene Alexander

    Gene Alexander, MFT, has been practicing psychotherapy in San Francisco since 1976. He trained at the Family Therapy Center, where he taught couple and family therapy for over 18 years, and has offered courses in local colleges and universities. In addition to his work in psychotherapy, he has written poetry and plays for the past 15 years.

  • Anne Alvarez

    Ann Alvarez, Ph.D., M.A.C.P., is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist (and retired Co-Convener of the Autism Service, Child and Family Department, Tavistock Clinic, London). She is author of Live Company: Psychotherapy with

  • Martine Aniel

    Martine Aniel, Ph.D., is a personal and supervising analyst and faculty at PINC. She has taught widely on Lacan and his influence in psychoanalysis. Dr. Aniel’s interests include the nature of psychoanalytic transmission, the specificity of the analytic discourse, the psychoanalyst’s role in society and culture, and gender and sexuality. She is in private practice in San Francisco.

  • Peter August

    Peter August, MFT, has worked with children, adolescents, and adults for the last 25 years. Along with his private practice in Oakland, he facilitates case consultation at WestCoast Children’s Clinic, where he has also conducted post-doctoral seminars. For 12 years, he was the Director of Intern and Training Programs at Youth and Family Services, a community mental-health organization in Solano County.

  • Michael Axelman

    Michael Axelman, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist specializing in child development, and child, family, and parental therapy. He developed CARE (Caring Adults, Respectful Environments) parent therapy and has trained hundreds of students and mental health professionals in this approach to child and family therapy. Dr. Axelman has a child and family practice in Palo Alto.