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  • Willow Pearson Trimbach's picture
    Willow Pearson Trimbach

    Willow Pearson Trimbach, Psy.D., LMFT, MT-BC, is Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training, Clinical Psychology Department, CIIS. A licensed clinical psychologist, licensed marriage and family therapist, and nationally board certified music therapist, Dr. Pearson has a private practice in Oakland, where she sees adults and provides supervision. Dr.

  • Rachael Peltz

    Rachael Peltz, Ph.D.is a psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist in Berkeley working with adults, adolescents, couples, and families. She is a faculty member, supervising and personal analyst at PINC and past president of Psychoanalysis for Social Responsibility — Division 39. Dr.

  • Carla Penna

    Carla Penna, Ph.D., is a psychoanalyst and group analyst in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she is the former president of the Brazilian Association of Group Psychotherapy and Society of Group Analytic Psychotherapy.

  • Karen M. Peoples

    Karen Peoples, Ph.D., is a personal and supervising analyst and faculty at PINC. Dr. Peoples has published and presented papers on the uncanny and the relational unconscious, incest trauma, social trauma, traumatic and transcendent forms of emptiness, and sensory communication in analytic work. She has offices in San Francisco and San Rafael.

  • Harvey Peskin

    Harvey Peskin, Ph.D., is a Professor Emeritus at San Francisco State University, former president of PINC, and recipient of the International Psychoanalytic Association’s 2013 Hayman Prize for Published Work Pertaining to Traumatized Children and Adults. Dr. Peskin has taught courses on trauma and dehumanization for several years at The Wright Institute. He has a practice in Berkeley.

  • Ilene Philipson

    Ilene Philipson, Ph.D., holds doctorates in sociology, clinical psychology, and psychoanalysis and has taught at UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and NYU. She is a training and supervising analyst at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis in Los Angeles. In addition to On The Shoulders of Women: The Feminization of Psychotherapy, her books include Married to The Job; Ethel Rosenberg: Beyond the Myths; and Women, Class, and the Feminist Imagination (Ed.). Dr.