I hope you haven't made plans for Saturday, March 26th, because NCSPP's Annual Event , formerly known as the Annual Lecture , will take place that day and I don't think you will want to miss it. We have two giants of the relational field, Dr. Muriel Dimen and Dr. Virginia Goldner, coming to present their latest work on gender and sexuality. In trying to move away from the traditional paper and discussion format, NCSPP is putting together more of a dialogue between these great thinkers that the audience can learn from and with which they can participate.

I first heard Dr. Dimen last year at Division 39's Spring Meeting in Chicago. She gave the keynote address, talking about the history of analytic thinking over the past 100 years from a feminist perspective. As an anthropologist in her previous professional life, Dr. Dimen offered unique insights and observations about the history and development of the field. She brought the house down. I turned to some of my NCSPP compatriots and said, "We have to get her for the Annual Lecture."

Dr. Goldner was on a number of panels at last year's International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis conference in San Francisco. The one I caught was a paper she gave on transgender identity. She was absolutely captivating. Her humor, boldness and creative thinking about gender and sexuality were wonderfully refreshing and thought provoking.

Dr. Goldner and Dr. Dimen are an ideal couple to come and discuss the latest thinking on gender and sexuality. Knowing each other and presenting together before, they are already engaged in an ongoing dialogue, one in which we as the audience can partake on March 26th. Dr. Stephen Hartman will serve as interlocutor. As a creative and stimulating local analyst and teacher, Dr. Hartman will provide a bridge between the audience and the presenters and help facilitate what is expected to be a very exciting day. Mark your calendars.

Greg Clinton, Ph.D.
NCSPP President