Psychoanalysis In the News

In Writing by Adam Phillips's Review - the Psychoanalyst as Unreliable Narrator. A book review of Adam Phillips' In Writing that makes the collection of essays seem like a psychoanalytic session unto itself; meandering, thoughtful, examined, and resting comfortably in a stance of not-knowing.
The Fortunes of Freud. "The Fortunes of Freud" examines a broad scope of American psychoanalysis from the 1950s to present day, including its history and evolution, as well as the political and personal implications of a repressed and puritanical view on sex and sexuality.
Kamala Harris's "Hysteria" and the "Objective Perspective" of Men. In this article lies a history of hysteria and its origins, and an examination of the term's use in the context of several pundits' descriptions of Senator Kamala Harris as "hysterical" during her June 13 questioning of Senator Jeff Sessions in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.