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by Elise Geltman, LCSW

Until white people own the burden and costs of racism and bigotry as a problem they've created and maintained, the change will be far too slow. In America, we have a bad habit of forcing victims of discrimination, be it racism or sexism or Islamophobia, to also be the primary, sometimes exclusive, advocates against that discrimination. And it hardly seems to work. Men must step up to fight sexism, Christians must stand up to fight Islamophobia, and white people must step up to fight against racism as if their own lives depended on it.

by Lorrie Goldin, LCSW


Resistance is in the air. What are the parallels between the political and psychological manifestations of the word?

Freud's initial concept of resistance came from observing people's difficulties in feeling, thought, and meaning-making. Patients often seemed unable or unwilling to apply new insight in the service of change. Resistance, initially regarded by Freud as an annoying obstacle, soon earned his respect as a powerful albeit often self-defeating unconscious process to preserve the familiar and a sense of safety.

In Writing by Adam Phillips's Review - the Psychoanalyst as Unreliable Narrator. A book review of Adam Phillips' In Writing that makes the collection of essays seem like a psychoanalytic session unto itself; meandering, thoughtful, examined, and resting comfortably in a stance of not-knowing.

The Fortunes of Freud. "The Fortunes of Freud" examines a broad scope of American psychoanalysis from the 1950s to present day, including its history and evolution, as well as the political and personal implications of a repressed and puritanical view on sex and sexuality.

Kamala Harris's "Hysteria" and the "Objective Perspective" of Men. In this article lies a history of hysteria and its origins, and an examination of the term's use in the context of several pundits' descriptions of Senator Kamala Harris as "hysterical" during her June 13 questioning of Senator Jeff Sessions in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR. NDNU Clinical Psychology Dept seeking non-tenure-track, assistant or associate professor to teach clinical and research oriented courses for Clinical Psychology Masters students while performing Departmental service and growth projects including professional/program development and student/alumni recruitment and relations. Ideal candidate will be aligned with the scholar-practitioner model, actively practicing as a licensed psychologist, and engaged with the community. Please submit a cover letter, resume, and two letters of reference to: Human Resources, Notre Dame de Namur, 1500 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA 94002 or via email:
EARLY CAREER CONSULTATION GROUP. Therapists within first three years of licensure seeking support with developing and growing a private practice and deepening their skills in working psychodynamically encouraged to join. The consultation group provides an opportunity to discuss cases, obtain helpful feedback, see things from a different perspective, and connect and apply theory to practice. In addition to sharing cases, I facilitate opportunities to discuss countertransference issues. I will also offer guidance on developing, marketing, and growing a successful psychotherapy practice. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more at

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