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by Todd Rising, Psy.D.


A Mid-Summer’s Conversation with Betsy Kassoff, Ph.D.; Audrey Martin, MFT; and Tom Wooldridge, Psy.D.
Saturday, July 20, 2019
2:00pm - 4:00pm
St. John's Presbyterian Church
2727 College Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705

$40 General Public | $30 NCSPP Full Members
$20 NCSPP CMH Members | $20 NCSPP Associate Members
$20 NCSPP Student Members | $20 Scholarship Rate

Registration will open soon, please check our website: 

The Territory of the Body: Psychoanalytic Conceptualizations of the Psyche-Soma

The introductory event – an informal, dynamic conversation with instructors from the East Bay and San Francisco ISG's – will invite participants to further investigate theoretical approaches and practical engagements with the body in the clinical setting. Topics to be discussed include gender and culture, self-harm, sexuality, dissociation, and the language of bodily experience.

If you are considering registering for the upcoming ISG, please join us in beginning our exploration of how the body speaks when words can fail. Three of our ISG instructors will present their ideas and answer your questions about this central topic: Betsy Kassoff, Ph.D., Audrey Martin, MFT, and Tom Wooldridge, Psy.D.


The Intensive Study Group will take up various conceptualizations of the body in psychoanalysis. Therapists from a range of theoretical backgrounds will use contemporary texts, contemporary artists, and writings to explore the psychological development of body-mind. The body that is born, the body that registers pain and trauma, the body that heals, the body that dies, and the territories in between.

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