by Kellen Grayson, MFT, Psy.D.


Good news, clinicians: June is the perfect month for doing transformative analytic work. This month Uranus and Pluto will have a conjunction that will create restriction and constraint. There might be a bit of chaos in relationships if you don’t find balance, so you and your patients may be impacted by relationship troubles. When Uranus conjuncts, Pluto brings change and movement; if you’re a provider, you will finally see shifts in the stuck positions of your work. You’ll also be the change that is needed in the room. 

Aries – Transformations are on the horizon, Aries. Your progress is remarkable but beware of going into a tailspin. You forge ahead, but don’t forge too fast and furious or you’ll be over the cliff. Slow down and integrate your accomplishments in an ego-syntonic manner. Otherwise, your self-care will suffer as you will continue to achieve nothing but an empty black hole of nothingness. No achievement will ever satisfy.

Taurus – Are you exhausted from the green thumbing during April and May? Rest up in June with all the changes that are going to occur. No worries, you’ll dig in your hooves and weather being out of control for a bit. There’s no better astrology sign that can endure the storm. Focus on being creative and continuing to nurture your gardens and relationships. The unconscious can always use some weeding.

Gemini – Happy birthday to the two of you. It’s time to focus on the many changes that are happening in your occupation. You may be feeling oppositional with authority or impatient with co-workers. This will pass, so don’t make any major changes with your work or finances. Frustration tolerance should be your focus this month.

Cancer – Listen Cancerians, stop giving so much this month, you are headed for burnout. The Uranus and Pluto conjunction will impact health and diet issues and if you concentrate on being healthier you will have a transformative life. Being too codependent isn’t good for your health so this should be the first stop. Ensure you also find time for travel as there is educational information that you can acquire. Maybe this is the month you make plans to attend a summer psychoanalytic conference? The IPA is in London, FYI.

Leo – The powerful planetary conjunction is increasing your love and passion and it could mean a transformation in your life. Soon, you’ll feel inspired artistically and you’ll work on new creative projects to clear out any negative energy. Like the rest of the signs, this month will challenge your ability to tolerate feeling like you’re being trapped and stifled by authority. Good thing psychoanalysis is all about being able to tolerate more and more feelings. Just concentrate on being in charge of your own destiny.

Virgo – There might be some conflict within your relationships especially when things aren’t perfect. Hold in that criticism for another time when you’re dissatisfied with your lover’s lack of detail orientation. If you don’t, you may be headed to a Gottman Method’s weekend workshop to figure things out.

Libra – There’s a big shift headed your way, especially in your workplace. You need to be in at least the planning stage of change. If you’re in pre-contemplation for too long, you won’t accomplish much. You should be headed towards a promotion if you plan your strategy correctly. Try not to keep balancing the workplace and take the promotion.

Scorpio – Complication is your fuel for transformation and it’s no surprise Scorpions! You’ll be doing quite well while others will be struggling with the conjunction this month. You may be compelled to redecorate your home. Go with it, it will look beautiful. Maybe add a few new touches to your office while you’re at it. It’s a good time dust off your Freud bust and spruce up (or replace) that oriental rug covering your couch. Ensure that it is organized so that you can be more efficient as you take over the world the next few weeks.

Sagittarius – You’ll have conflict in the home if you decide to speak too honestly. Find a strength-based approach and utilize reframing with loved ones. It will serve you better. Otherwise, you’ll be fighting about shared resources and jointly-owned properties. By July, you’ll feel complete again. (Unless you’re a Lacanian, in which case you’ll always be lacking.)

Capricorn – The influence of the conjunction this month suggests that you may be moving to a new location. Might as well. Check out Sacramento, it’s a hopping place for restaurants and artists’ communities. Beware when Mars will be in Capricorn this month as that means lots of movement and action. You’ll be more assertive and forcing your way through as the only way. That’s fine Capricorn; like an ego psychologist or a Kleinian, you do tend to know best.

Aquarius – A new moon this month in the sign of Aquarius means many new beginnings for you. Knowing you, this means you’ll be making a lot of new friends and they’ll be helping with your finances. Set boundaries and be careful not to give out your money to scammers promising the hot new therapeutic technique. Also, if you’re in business, try to not take any excuses from debtors. They can pay you. This includes your patients.

Pisces – You’ll be changing your attitude on how others perceive you but you should work on not caring. Try not to do that thing you do: absorbing too much emotion from others. Otherwise, you’ll be drinking your sorrows away and end up smack dab in the Revoked Licenses section of The Therapist magazine. You’ll benefit from the constraints from the conjunction this month and it will feel containing.

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