As T.S. Eliot penned, April is the cruelest month. For IMPULSE it means the beginning of goodbye to this newsletter's mom and pop, Cate Corcoran, Features Editor, and Brad Falconer, Managing Editor, as they transition more fully into their careers as clinicians. Brad and Cate helped create and shape the nascent IMPULSE from its birth nearly three years ago, providing holding, containment, and reverie, and establishing the law of the father. This is in addition to monthly blizzards of emails, copyediting, technical skills (both come from highly skilled online and editorial positions), and customer service -- helping you and your organization get into IMPULSE on time for deadlines and with adherence to our editorial mission. Of course, Brad and Cate never received a penny for their work. I'm endlessly grateful for their spirit and toil, without which my dream could not have come true. Please thank them if you run into them online, on the phone or in person! 

I'm also asking you to join me and Meg Earls, the other member of our committee, as we go forth. We need your interest, editorial skills and email fluency on our committee. Most of our work is done via email with just a few meetings per year. Sample tasks include email contact with editorial contributors, proofreading our calendar, or helping edit a column. It's a good way to become more known in this community, as our circulation is up to 1,800 now. Interest? Questions? Please email me. And thank you for reading IMPULSE! 

Cleopatra Victoria, MFT