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by Shlomit Gorin, MA

Here we are again -- another year behind us, we encounter the beginning of a new one. It is tempting to mark this time as a tabula rasa, to try to shed the scaly parts of the skin that holds us, and to make promises to ourselves and to others that we will be better. We will start, stop, cut down on, increase, finish. We know we said that last year, but this year is different; this will be the year.

by Karisa Barrow, PsyD

Thank you for welcoming me into this new role. My hope is to continue to champion the momentum of inclusion and a sense of belonging, which we aspire to promote at NCSPP, a place where budding psychoanalytic thinkers can feel welcomed and mentored by their seasoned peers. My goal as president is to continue to build bridges with our local training institutions and to revitalize a progressive psychoanalysis for the people (a là Lewis Aron and Karen Starr). We are invested in facilitating educational and social events that bring about social justice and improved mental health in our community. During these tumultuous times, especially politically so, I believe we have an opportunity to share our values and foster a way of thinking, holding, healing, and playing together that brings a sense of calm, integration, and collectiveness -- to practice "psychoanalysis as a social and humanistic enterprise," as Aron and Starr put it, for all, particularly the marginalized.

by Elise Geltman, LCSW

Over the past few years, NCSPP leadership has been discussing the value and importance of building and sustaining community; thinking together; remaining rooted, playful, and creative; and staying alive. One of the ways we can do this is by seeing each other. While isolation and a mind of one's own are par for the course and fertile necessities in our field, we also need each other. Thank you to those of you who made it to the holiday party or an NCSPP course or event last year. To those of you who did not, we missed your presence and hope to see you and think together over the coming year.

by Jane Christmas, PsyD


Daniela Schiller, MD, director of the Schiller Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, is known for her work on memory reconsolidation and how traumatic memories may be open to transformation. Following her lecture will be the short film Reconsolidation, featuring her interview with her father, a Holocaust survivor.

by Jane Christmas, PsyD


Thinking about psychoanalytic training? Considering a doctorate in psychoanalysis? Come to the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California's (PINC) open house and learn about becoming trained in psychoanalysis in a warm, informal atmosphere. Join PINC faculty, administrators, graduates, and candidates. Bring your questions, friends, and colleagues.

by Jane Reingold, MA


The establishing shot unceremoniously throws us, seemingly mid-scene, into a confined, run-down Israeli rabbinic courtroom, a claustrophobic setting with men discussing an appeal for a divorce by Viviane, the protagonist. And yet she is missing from the frame, as if she is absent, irrelevant, beside the point. This subtle device sets the tone for the film and speaks to the tenor of the marriage and of the courtroom proceeding -- there is room for only one subjectivity.

OAKLAND CONSULTATION GROUP. Mondays, 1:45 pm to 3:15 pm. Detailed case presentations and clinical/theoretical readings. Mature working group. Dr. Dawn Farber,
PSYCHOANALYTIC CONSULTATION GROUP. Theoretically focused on the British School of Object Relations. Winnicott, Steiner, B. Joseph, Ogden, and Grotstein readings and discussion will alternate with case presentations. Wednesdays 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm or 11:30 am - 1:00 pm. Starting February 3, 2016. Albany. Maureen Franey, Ph.D., (510) 527-6141,
POST-GRADUATE TRAINING IN PSYCHODYNAMIC PSYCHOTHERAPY. The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley offers a two-year clinical training program to start September 2016. Trainees work in the Institute's moderate fee clinic under intensive supervision (individual and group) by outstanding Bay Area clinicians. Seminars cover major theoretical and technical aspects of psychotherapy, and professional development. Eight positions are available. There is no fee, nor is there a salary or stipend. Contact Mark Bronnenberg,, or visit
FULL-TIME PSYCHOTHERAPY OFFICE: Los Altos. Large office with 3 large windows, view of trees and hills in 3-office suite with 2 other psychoanalysts. Professional soundproofing, attractive waiting room, full kitchen, quick, easy access to 85 and 280. $1,600. Contact Lynn Alexander, PsyD, (650) 328-8505 or
SPRING SESSIONS OF READING GROUP FOR CLINICIANS (who want to learn how to write by studying model papers), and Writing Group and Workshop for Clinicians (combining writing instruction with peer support), begin meeting every other Friday in February. Facilitated by Elise Miller, PhD, MFT, psychoanalytic scholar and college-writing teacher. Individual consultation also available. For further information:
THERAPY GROUPS FOR THERAPISTS. Ongoing since 1984. Open to mental health professionals and trainees. Also available, groups for high-functioning members not in the mental health field. Psychodynamic orientation. Groups meet weekly in SF. Art Raisman, PhD, Licensed Psychologist (PSY 7795), Asst Clin. Prof., Psychiatry, UCSF, 
(415) 453-4271,  

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Appointment Book: 

East Bay Psychotherapy Forum
Wed, Jan 6 / 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm / 2001 Dwight Way / Berkeley
SFCP / (415) 563-3366 / G. Daniels, MFT; TBA; M. Donner, PhD / free

Child Psychotherapy Training Program
Wed, Jan 6 (begins) / 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm / 444 Natoma Street / San Francisco
SFCP / (415) 563-3366 / G. Villalba, LCSW; R. Schwartz, PhD / $1,500 - $1,600

San Francisco Psychotherapy Forum
Thu, Jan 7 / 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm / 444 Natoma Street / San Francisco
SFCP / (415) 563-3366 / A. Howard, MFT, et al. / free

Running Late: Time, the Body, and the Problem of Longing
Sat, Jan 16 / 9:30 am - 12:30 pm / 25 Lake Street / San Francisco
NCSPP / (415) 373-3645 / P. Mandel, PhD / $45 - $105

South Bay Monthly Reading Group
Fri, Jan 15 (begins) / 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm / Private home / Palo Alto
PINC / (415) 288-4050 / J. Gerhardt, PhD; A. Cabell, MFT / $15 - $35

South Bay Psychotherapy Forum
Tue, Jan 19 / 7:15 pm - 9:00 pm / 401 Quarry Road / Stanford
SFCP / (415) 563-3366 / C. Goodrich, PhD; J. Mill, PhD / free

Seasoned Clinicians Program 2016
Wed, Jan 20 (begins) / 11:30 am - 1:00 pm / 444 Natoma Street / San Francisco
SFCP / (415) 563-3366 / S. von Baeyer, PhD; M. Ewert, DMH / $250

Promoting Depth and Analytic Process in Psychotherapy
Wed, Jan 20 (begins) / 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm / 444 Natoma Street / San Francisco
SFCP / (415) 563-3366 / B. Steinberg, PhD / free

When Words Fail: Primitive Anxieties and Eating Disorders
Wed, Jan 20 / 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm / 530 Bush Street / San Francisco
PINC / (415) 288-4050 / T. Woolridge, PsyD; P. Goldberg, PhD / free - $10

Psychotherapy with Four- to Six-Year-Olds
Wed, Jan 27 (begins) / 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm / 444 Natoma Street / San Francisco
SFCP / (415) 563-3366 / P. Cath, MD / $1,500 - $1,600

Disorders of Temporality & the Subjective Experience of Time
Fri, Jan 29 / 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm / 401 Quarry Road / Stanford
SFCP / (415) 563-3366 / S. Seligman, DMH / free

Manic Defenses and an Oblivious Object in a Late Adolescence
Sat, Jan 30 / 10:00 am - 12:00 pm / 444 Natoma Street / San Francisco
SFCP / (415) 563-3366 / M. Brady, PhD; S. Stadler, MD / free

Grad paper: Candidate Vulnerability, Patient Vulnerability
Sat, Jan 30 / 10:30 am - 12:00 pm / 530 Bush Street / San Francisco
PINC / (415) 288-4050 / K. Hess, MFT; C. Brandes, PhD / free

Keeping a Dynamic Mind in the World of Social Work
Wed, Feb 3 / 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm / 444 Natoma Street / San Francisco
SFCP / (415) 563-3366 / TBA / $15 or donation

East Bay Psychotherapy Forum
Wed, Feb 3 / 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm / 2001 Dwight Way / Berkeley
SFCP / (415) 563-3366 / A. Feller, MD; M. Donner, PhD / free

San Francisco Psychotherapy Forum
Thu, Feb 4 / 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm / 444 Natoma Street / San Francisco
SFCP / (415) 563-3366 / J. Moss, MFT, et al. / free