In Memoriam - Dr. Richard Isay, Pioneer against Homophobia within Psychoanalysis: Read the New York Times account of Dr. Isay's life and work, which forced American psychoanalysts to confront and question their discipline's pathogenic attitudes toward homosexuality.  
Studies on Anxiety Affirm Freud's Theory of Unconscious Conflict: Howard Shevrin, Ph.D. of the University of Michigan used brain-wave technology to explore the relationship between unconscious conflict and conscious anxiety symptoms. His results provide empirical grounding for some of Freud's seminal ideas on repression.

Division 39 President Elaborates Stance on Standardization of Psychoanalytic Training: President Bill MacGillivray posted an extensive blog entry about the rationale behind the creation of the Accreditation Council for Psychoanalytic Education. While acknowledging points of resistance to standardization of psychoanalytic training, he articulates why the current climate of mental healthcare requires such action from within the field.