Piece of Mind

by Jane Christmas, PsyD
The Early Career Case Conference series begins October 7, 2015, in San Francisco and the East Bay. If you are an early career clinician with a leaning toward psychoanalytic thinking and practice, this is a fantastic opportunity. In this year-long series, clinicians who have completed graduate training and are pre-licensed or less than five years post-license will work closely with senior PINC analysts. Participants present their work, discuss it in depth, and learn from highly experienced clinicians. The focus of the series will be on case presentation, clinical discussion, and community building.
At $150, this series is affordable and unique, as there is nothing else like it in the Bay Area. You must be a PINC community member ($25 annual membership dues) to take advantage of this opportunity. Community members also receive a regular newsletter and discounted or free admission to PINC classes, lectures, and events that are open to the psychoanalytic community, as well as to the regular Visiting Scholar series, also for members only. The Early Career Case Conference size is limited to 10 participants. In addition to the 24 sessions, participants will enjoy an introductory and closing dinner at the home of one of the facilitators.
There are only a few spaces left in the San Francisco and East Bay series.Sign up today to treat yourself to an extremely rewarding professional experience. Registration information is at pincsf.org/events. If you have any questions, please call Tim Renner at PINC at (415) 288-4050.