Piece of Mind

by Jane Christmas, PsyD
This year will be the first of three in which the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California (PINC) will sponsor the Susanne Chassay Memorial Paper Award.
The award commemorates our beloved friend and colleague Susanne Chassay, a graduate of PINC and winner of the first IPA Tyson Prize (2005) for her paper "Death in the Afternoon." Susanne's psychoanalytic interests were broad and, while often touching on dark themes (trauma, war, suicide), she was ever mindful of the creative and transformative elements latent in destruction. She was deeply concerned with elements that often remain at the fringes of psychoanalytic discourse: the sociopolitical, the body, spirituality, and the ecstatic. In keeping with Susanne's sensibility, central to her vision of analytic writing was a profound sense of honesty and individual freedom of expression.
In the spirit of her intellectual curiosity and rigor, we invite submissions that take up these concerns. Three finalist papers will be presented to our prestigious Advisory Committee, who will select the winner. In addition to a cash prize of $1,000 and a program at PINC recognizing the selected paper, the winning paper will receive considerable exposure, as the Advisory Committee is comprised of highly recognized analysts, many of whom are in editorial positions. The deadline for submissions is midnight PST on February 15, 2016. Submissions are made electronically through the PINC website.
Details about the award and guidelines for submission can be found here: https://pincsf.org/chassayprize. If you have further questions, please contact Francisco J. Gonzalez, MD, at (415) 923-9919 or f.j.g@comcast.net.