From the Editor

by Loong Kwok, Psy.D.

I will admit to being biased, but at this year's Division 39 Spring Meeting, many of the best panels I attended featured presenters from the Bay Area.  It made me appreciate how fortunate I am to be here, where there are so many great thinkers and writers.  It also made me aware of the fact that I traveled across the country to discover that some of my neighbors were so talented.  That's a lie.  I already knew that most of the people I saw speak were going to be good. That's why I went to see them.  But I know that there are remarkable people whom I see regularly who do not present their thinking in ways that are more widely accessible.  

There are many reasons why that is, but at least one of them has to be access, or rather the idea of restricted access.  I've been approached a few times about how one goes about getting published or putting together a presentation. "You just do it" has always felt like a flippant answer, but there's no special trick or process.  If you have an idea, if you have something to say, write it down and submit it.  The limitation would be knowing where to submit a piece.  You would decide based on what you're writing, and who your community is.

That being said, there are some opportunities that NCSPP offers.  First is our journal, fort da, which features creative, evocative, and associative approaches to psychoanalytic thinking.  Second is the 2015 Division 39 Spring Meeting, which will be held in San Francisco.  Take a look at NCSPP's Corner, which features the Call for Papers, for more details.

Finally, Impulse is looking for a new Staff Writer for Potential Space, which features short essays on any topic that inspires thought.  It's a great way to have your writing reach a larger audience, as our humble newsletter reaches over 1,800 folks every month.  Should you be interested, please send us an email with a writing sample to