Instructions for Contributors

Editor: Peter Silen, Ph.D.
Book and Film Review Editor: Ruth Simon, Ph.D.

fort da welcomes manuscripts pertaining to psychoanalytic theory, practice, research, and applied psychoanalysis in the form of articles, reviews, interviews, commentary, and poetry. fort da invites all points of view within the psychoanalytic community and endeavors to preserve high intellectual standards within the context of a lively, creative interchange. Manuscripts are accepted for review with the understanding that they are not simultaneously being submitted elsewhere.

To submit a manuscript, please do the following:

  • If you have an article, email the manuscript to Peter Silen at His address is 2025 Rose Street, #101, Berkeley, CA 94709. Call him at (510) 525-4557 with any questions. Submissions of articles or essays are due November 1 for the spring issue and June 1 for the fall issue.
  • If you have a book or film review, e-mail the manuscript to Ruth Simon at Call her at (510) 601-6906 with any questions. Submissions of reviews are due October 1 for the spring issue and May 1 for the fall issue.

As an extra precaution to preserve confidentiality, we require all authors to complete an Author Anonymization Agreement.

For purposes of fort da’s blind review, please put your name, office telephone number, and office address in a separate file with a 50-word professional biography. Articles should be about 4,000 words, and reviews about 2,000 words. Please type all manuscripts double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 and adhere to the APA editorial guidelines in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 4th Edition. All manuscripts should be in final form, including references, which also should be in APA style. We will review all manuscripts on the basis of style and content.

Publication of any submissions will be at the discretion of the fort da editorial board. The editorial board also reserves the right to publish commentaries on published manuscripts in the same or subsequent issues of fort da. Authors of accepted manuscripts will be asked to e-mail the entire manuscript, plus the cover page file, to our copy editor, Gina Atkinson, at She will review all changes with the authors before going to press. Submissions to the copy editor are due November 1 for the spring issue and June 1 for the fall issue.

Authors are responsible for organization, clarity, and conciseness; for all statements made in their work; for ensuring confidentiality in case material; and for obtaining permission from copyright owners fort da retains all copyright privileges.