Anonymization Policy

Patient Anonymization

Publication of clinical material by psychoanalysts and psychotherapists is essential to the development of knowledge in psychoanalysis and the broader mental health field, and the growth and maintenance of high standards of patient care. Patient privacy should be protected so that patients can speak and act freely with full confidence. Ethical and legal considerations require the protection of patients’ anonymity in case reports and elsewhere.

Authors whose papers include accounts of clinical work are required to take all necessary measures to ensure that none of the individuals written about can be identified by any third party and to fully minimize the likelihood that the patient(s) will recognize him/her/themself. To meet these objectives, this publication has adopted guidelines to be followed by all authors, which are required in the online submission and throughout the review process. These guidelines align with the prevailing standards of our professions. Special care should be taken in cases including children and adolescents. There will be no exceptions.