Sat, May 4, 2024
10:00 am - 11:00 pm


2036 Livingston Street
Oakland, CA 94606
Salon | Social Event
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$19 CMH General Public

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This event has been canceled.


Yoga with Community Mental Health

Course Overview: 

Kundalini Yoga is known as the “yoga of awareness.” In this practice, we work our breath, body, and mind to synchronize our inner state. Each class we practice different kriyas (physical yoga sets) along with pranayama (breathwork) or mantra (chanting). Kundalini yoga works through circulating breath, stimulating the glandular system, and clearing stuck energy from the body. This practice connects us deeper to our inner essence and the infinite energy of life. All levels are welcome!

Commitment to Equity: 

This spring, the Community Mental Health committee will have an event at flowhouse, a BIPOC and LGBTQIA- centered space where movement, wellness, and inclusion are integrated as the central focus. Their mission is to create a space for folks who hold up the world to recharge for deep care and radical rest.

Target Audience & Level: 

All staff and trainees at community-based, non-profit, and government-funded organizations are welcome to attend.

Contact Information: 

For program related questions contact Katherine Eng,


Community Mental Health Committee

This committee is a group of clinicians who are interested in the relationship between Community Mental Health (CMH) and psychoanalysis.  Psychoanalysis is anchored in a quality of close care and attention that is often systematically denied to members of disadvantaged communities and difficult to locate in stressed, under-resourced public mental health clinics.  CMH clinicians hold the tension between a variety of institutional, social, and political pressures and constraints. Meanwhile, psychoanalytic thinking sometimes misses the significance of these systemic influences on individual lives.

There is important work to be done in bridging the theoretical and concrete gaps between community work and psychoanalytic practice. The CMH committee aspires to create a more inclusive home for CMH clinicians within the NCSPP community. In turn, we advocate for greater investment from psychoanalysis in the projects of CMH practitioners- in terms of both theory and practical engagement.

We seek to identify the needs and interests of our various partners both in CMH and NCSPP.  We invite our community members to engage with us by emailing us at .

Katherine Eng, Ph.D., Chair
Geetali Chitre, Psy.D.
Hoa My Nguyen, LCSW