Fri, Apr 24, 2020
7:00 - 9:00 pm

WestCoast Children's Clinic

3301 E. 12th Street
Suite 259
Oakland, CA 94601
Lani Chow, Ph.D.
Gregory Clinton, Ph.D.
Mahima Muralidharan, Psy.D.
Regina Shields, Ph.D.
Diane Swirsky, Ph.D.
Salon | Social Event
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April 10, 2020

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A Conversation with Lani Chow, Greg Clinton, Mahima Muralidharan, Regina Shields, and Diane Swirsky

Course Overview: 

NCSPP’s Pre-licensed Clinicians Committee invites you to the 23rd in a series of conversations with senior clinicians in the field of depth psychology. Join your colleagues for a stimulating evening of food, wine, and conversation with Drs. Lani Chow, Greg Clinton, Mahima Muralidharan, Regina Shields, and Diane Swirsky, about the intentionally psychoanalytic and racially diverse consultation group they have formed. We will talk about the structure of their group and how it has enriched their clinical theory, conceptualization, and practices.

Commitment to Equity: 

NCSPP is aware that historically psychoanalysis has either excluded or pathologized groups outside of the dominant population in terms of age, race, ethnicity, nationality, language, gender, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, disability, and size. As an organization, we are committed to bringing awareness to matters of anti-oppression, inequity, inequality, diversity, and inclusion as they pertain to our educational offerings, our theoretical orientation, our community, and the broader world we all inhabit.

Presenters Response:

We will discuss areas that the group has focused on, including recognition and holding of both the grounding aspects of and deficits in psychoanalysis; reclaiming the history of psychoanalytic theory and the concurrent racialization, politicization and economic forces that have shaped it; how it is taught; and what we don't think about in the field. Finally, we will explore how the group encourages each member to consider individually and as a discipline what needs to happen in order for changes in psychoanalytic study, training, and practice to occur.


Lani Chow, Ph.D., has been the Program Chair of the Psychology Doctoral Program since 2017 and she was the program’s Director of Clinical Training from 2014-2017. She has been the Director of the Psychological Services Center since 2008. Dr. Chow is a founding member of Reflective Spaces/Material Places and is a core seminar member of the Community Psychoanalysis Project at PINC. She maintains a practice in San Francisco.

Greg Clinton, Ph.D., a past president of NCSPP, is a psychologist with a specialty in Internet porn addiction. He maintains a private practice in San Francisco, where he sees adults in individual and couples therapy.

Mahima Muralidharan, Psy.D., has extensive experience providing program management, clinical supervision and training, and psychological care for underserved adults, children, and families in the U.S. and India. Dr. Muralidharan coordinated the school-based clinical training program at the Ann Martin Center, served as President of the NCSPP, and is co-founder of Cohear SF, an organizational consulting firm promoting workplace well-being. She teaches throughout in the Bay Area.

Diane Swirsky, Ph.D., is in private practice in Berkeley, where she sees adults and couples and provides consultation. She has taught, presented, and written on the topic of trauma, relational theory, and psychoanalysis and race. She is a past president of NCSPP and an alumni of New Directions in Psychoanalytic Writing at the Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis.

Target Audience & Level: 

This event is open to all mental health graduate students and professionals

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No refunds will be allowed for this event.

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Pre-licensed Clinician Members Committee

The Pre-licensed Clinician Members Committee focuses on outreach to Bay Area psychology students and brings NCSPP-affiliated psychologists to local graduate schools. The committee focuses on supporting professional development, as well as fostering community-building and networking among the next generation of psychoanalytic psychotherapists.

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