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September 2017

6:45 - 8:15 pm
St. Clement's Church, East Bay

As part of NCSPP’s Foundations series, this first section of a two-part course will examine many of Bion's core concepts and situate them within his theory of emotional transformation, dreaming, and thinking. Alpha and beta elements; alpha function; container/contained; the contact barrier; the beta screen; the linkages of love, hate, and knowledge; and minus K are among the enduring contributions we will explore while applying them to ongoing clinical practice.

October 2017

9:00 - 11:30 am
St. Clement's Church, East Bay

This seminar will provide a close clinical examination of race and culture in contemporary psychoanalytic theory and treatment. Each week will focus on the themes of a pertinent theoretical paper, and case material will be discussed to illuminate technical considerations. Particular attention will be paid to the difficulty of speaking about race — working with the dissociation of racial states, the collapse of potential space, and the vulnerabilities and melancholia that emerge in treatment for both therapist and client when racial tensions are allowed to surface. While keeping the Eurocentric nature of psychoanalytic writing in mind, we will attempt to use our theories to ground us as we search for new ways of working with race and culture.